Welcome to the Long Story Blog. I hope you’ll sit with me awhile. My story is awfully long for one that only spans thirty (or so… ahem…) years. I write anonymously because I don’t want to cause further pain to those I love, but I need to share some painful parts of my life with you. I write so that you can see what God has done for me, what He wants and is able to do for you. It is only through His grace that I am alive today. I have survived a house fire; six car accidents; an eating disorder (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI); excruciating and life-threatening illnesses; and  threats from drug dealers. My family has just been evicted  from our home and lost our only source of income, forcing us to move (with our children and pets) into a one-bedroom apartment. I’ve traveled the world and performed for packed houses in multiple languages. I’ve stayed in luxury suites with crystal chandeliers and slept in a dirt-floored church with forty other people, in a remote village with no power or running water. I have walked pristine white beaches, climbed mountains, and been bedridden for months at a time. I’ve spent more time on crutches than I’d care to think about and visited more emergency rooms than I can count. I have witnessed miracles. I have experienced miracles and heard the voice of God. I am a miracle. And this is my long, long story.


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