Walking and Leaping and Praising God


I have not felt peace about publishing anything for quite sometime, but today I’d get no peace if I didn’t. We’ve had quite a cold snap here recently, so cold that it caused every arthritic joint in my body to lock down. I spent three days in bed hardly moving, struggling to even get myself to the bathroom and back. This morning, I finally managed the grueling climb up the stairs, but spent the morning in considerable pain and with limited mobility. A dear friend and prayer partner prayed with me over the phone, as we often do, and as she was praying for me I felt the pain leave the very worst spot, then dissipate from the rest of my body. My breath caught in my throat, and I took a few steps without my cane. I squatted down to the floor and stood back up without pain, turned my neck every direction. It was as if chains had fallen from my body. With my friend still on the phone I sprinted up the second set of stair and knocked on my upstairs neighbors’ door to share my joy with them. I picked up my fifty pound five-year-old and swung him around. I have not lifted him without crippling pain in years. I spent the remainder of my day calling family and friends to share the wonderful news, and doing things I have not been able to for far too long. I had a dance party with my kids. I scrubbed the kitchen floor. So many, many things. Life is good.


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