Please don’t just FEEL something when you read this. DO something. Do ANYTHING. If you are able, donate some cash. Any amount, even a dollar, LITERALLY just a buck, can help. Write a letter to encourage a survivor. It only takes a moment of your time, and it’s free. If you are a praying person, pray. Take a moment right now. If you think you might be able to do more, get in touch with They can use whatever talents or abilities you have.

Through the Eyes of the Rescuers

It’s funny. When I first started working with Bishop and the team, I prepared myself mentally and spiritually for a lot of things. I prepared myself to …

  1. Be angry (even enraged) on behalf of the people being victimized by traffickers
  2. Be hurt (cut to the bone) as my heart ached for those being trafficked
  3. Be disillusioned by a system that is struggling to keep up with the bad guys, knowing that the system has rules and regulations to follow and the bad guys make it up as they go
  4. Feel “let down” by people who either a.) don’t get it b,) don’t believe human trafficking goes on here in our “safe” country or c.) talk a good game about all they’ll do to help and then do nothing because the sun came up and their own kids stayed safe so it moved out of their minds.

What I did…

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