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What To Expect When You’ll Never Be Expecting Again


Welp, here’s another post about that delightful menopause for you.

I’ve written before about nursing my youngest through menopause, and that my milk supply had taken a substantial hit. It has finally recovered a small amount, and seems to have stabilized. The baby is still not happy, but the small return has definitely been welcome.

And now, a little biology lesson for you. Fat cells produce a small amount of estrogen. They also store small amounts. The larger the fat cells, the more estrogen they produce and store. It is common for nursing mothers’ bodies to “hang on” to a few stubborn pounds (anywhere from 5-15, occasionally as many as 20). This is in case of a starvation emergency, so that the mother can still nourish her child for a longer time. For many mothers, these few nursing pounds simply will not go until the baby weans, regardless of diet or exercise. For other mothers, the pounds may come off with a strict diet, but her milk supply takes a noticeable hit. Once her milk starts to go, those few extra pounds tend to just melt right off. For mothers who retained a larger number of stubborn pounds, a few may come off slowly as the milk begins to dry up, then the last 5 or so will come off quickly once milk production ceases entirely.

As my milk goes, I am losing a pound or two here and there. This releases some of that stored estrogen into my blood stream. You may remember I had to have my ovaries out due to a severe estrogen allergy, so this is unpleasant for me, to say the least. I break out in hives, experience joint pain and muscle aches, migraines, nausea, and loss of appetite. Of course, I experience worse menopausal symptoms as well: irritability, weakness, fatigue, brain fog, sleep disruptions. Thanks to that lovely brain fog, I don’t have a good way to end this post, but uh… here. Have a post. That feels so dorky, but I like to try and keep things real.




Please don’t just FEEL something when you read this. DO something. Do ANYTHING. If you are able, donate some cash. Any amount, even a dollar, LITERALLY just a buck, can help. Write a letter to encourage a survivor. It only takes a moment of your time, and it’s free. If you are a praying person, pray. Take a moment right now. If you think you might be able to do more, get in touch with They can use whatever talents or abilities you have.

Through the Eyes of the Rescuers

It’s funny. When I first started working with Bishop and the team, I prepared myself mentally and spiritually for a lot of things. I prepared myself to …

  1. Be angry (even enraged) on behalf of the people being victimized by traffickers
  2. Be hurt (cut to the bone) as my heart ached for those being trafficked
  3. Be disillusioned by a system that is struggling to keep up with the bad guys, knowing that the system has rules and regulations to follow and the bad guys make it up as they go
  4. Feel “let down” by people who either a.) don’t get it b,) don’t believe human trafficking goes on here in our “safe” country or c.) talk a good game about all they’ll do to help and then do nothing because the sun came up and their own kids stayed safe so it moved out of their minds.

What I did…

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Warning Signs of Abuse


Good things to ask yourself.

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

With so many becoming victims of the various abuses, sometimes we just need to post reminders of the warning signs to help people identify the signs and  avoid these abusive relationships. Remember that many abusers can be very deceitful with their words, but their actions will speak louder than their words. Watch how they act. Do not be deceived.

Warning Signs of Abuse

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