True Confessions


On days like today, I feel like I’m just not cut out to be a mother. I know that’s not true, and tomorrow will be better, but today is one of those days in the trenches of motherhood for me. I know many mothers feel this way from time to time, especially with small children or teenagers. Do you? I could really use some honest mommy commiseration.


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  1. Yes, tomorrow will be better, or the next day. At some point, those feelings balance out. I have times when I don’t know if it’s I feel like I’m not cut out to be a mother, but more like I don’t want to be a mother. The thought of the day in and day out life of motherhood for how ever many more years makes me want to just throw in the towel now. BUT, and thankfully, there is a but, there are those times when you know it is all worth it. It isn’t ALWAYS like that. Those are the times that get us through the rough times. (Hugs)

  2. Yes, you will feel better tomorrow. there will be many ups and downs, all worth it. kids are at a pain in the butt but they give such pleasure and such trouble. they taught me so much.

    My husband died over 10 years ago so I am a single Mom . It is not easy….lately I am just plain drained. i don’t have much to give anymore…emotions.

    at times I get tired of the word Mom because it means wanting something almost like a beeper. Then I get some rest….wake up and tell them I love them because I do.

    Without them, my soul would not belong to this world.

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